Generali Mobile Health integrates XUND’s Healthcare Providers search function

In 2022, Generali Health Solutions GmbH partnered with XUND, and has utilized the XUND Medical API to build and develop the Generali Mobile Health (GMH) app. Central to this collaboration is XUND’s flagship product — an AI-powered health assistant that empowers users with symptom and risk assessment capabilities to help navigate patients to the best point of care.

Over time, the GMH app has evolved and incorporated various other features from XUND and other providers. In line with this progress, the app introduced yet another noteworthy addition: the Healthcare Providers search function. Using the integrated Google Maps interface, this new feature allows users to easily find local healthcare providers, including specialists.

The logos of XUND and Generali marking their partnership


New feature: Locating the next healthcare provider

In May 2023, Generali decided to extend its offerings within its GMH app. In addition to the tried and trusted modules, as well as add-ons provided by XUND, the app now also has the ability to locate various healthcare providers with the help of a mobile map.

The new feature is fully incorporated into the GMH app. It offers a user-friendly directory of medical specialists across Germany, enabling users to easily locate them on a mobile map.

The benefits of integrating XUND's Healthcare Providers:

  • Users can search for healthcare providers, such as primary care doctors and specialist care providers, by entering an address manually (postal code, city, and/or street) or by sharing their phone's location with the app. Powered by Google's functionalities, the app seamlessly integrates Google Maps, providing a visually intuitive map view and interactive selection of medical practices. This integration ensures a smooth and convenient experience for GMH app users when searching for the right doctor in a location of their choice. 
  • Furthermore, XUND enhances this experience by offering detailed pages for each specialist. The details include additional information like the doctor's name, contact information, opening hours, and specialty. 
  • Users have the flexibility to search for the ideal healthcare provider by selecting from a diverse range of medical fields. Additionally, they can specify their preference between an HMO or a private doctor. This feature empowers users to find the most suitable healthcare professional based on their specific needs and preferences.

Building a seamless digital patient journey with XUND technology

The state-of-the-art technology provided by XUND utilizes artificial intelligence and draws insights from a vast database of medical publications. By incorporating XUND’s Medical API, the GMH app offers users reliable answers to their health questions. Thus, it serves as a trustworthy and accurate alternative to search engines or chatbots. Instead of asking Dr. Google or ChatGPT for support, users can benefit from accessing a medical database that is thoroughly verified by doctors, and utilizing a class IIa certified medical device.

Not only does XUND’s AI-based technology provide accurate answers to patients’ health inquiries but also serves as an educational resource. Consequently, users can make well-informed decisions, and receive guidance to the most suitable point of care. 

The new add-on, which lets users effortlessly discover their preferred healthcare provider in the location of their choice, adds yet another element to complement the digital patient journey. This valuable addition significantly enhances the overall experience, providing users with enhanced convenience and ultimately leading to higher levels of user satisfaction.

The GMH app displays a map showcasing the nearest healthcare providers based on the user's search prompts.

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