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Better prevention, faster diagnostics and integrated monitoring with XUND's Patient Interaction Suite. Select the right medical modules for your needs, extend functionality with a range of add-on services and integrate easily via our Medical API, SDKs or Web App.

Avoid costly doctor visits with our 24/7 Symptom Check, powered by XUND's AI-driven medical knowledge base of 520+ conditions and 21,000+ symptom variants. Easily store and share structured patient information in PDF and FHIR compliant formats. The Symptom Check and Illness Check modules are part of the same medical device.

Enable patients to assess the likelihood of a specific condition, understand the rationale and discover the best next steps with our Illness Check. Powered by XUND's AI-driven medical knowledge base of 520+ diseases and 21,000+ symptom variants. The Symptom Check and Illness Check modules are part of the same medical device.

Provide asymptomatic patients a 360° risk assessments with our Health Check by asking about lifestyle, medication, and medical history. The outcome is a risk profile for all organ groups to guide prevention and improve the accuracy of all our assessments.

Make life easier for your patients and improve workflow efficiency with our Patient Monitoring. Reduce the need for in-person visits and leverage digital patient interactions to continuously monitor and track wellbeing over time.

Add-on services.

Client Hub

In-depth usage & data insights.

An intuitive interface for partners to explore our solutions and technology. The Client Hub is the central touchpoint with XUND when it comes to integrating and working with our Patient Interaction Suite. Usage Analytics provides information on how users interact with the medical modules, for example, the number of API calls in a given period or the number of patients who completed the assessment. A basic version of the Customer Hub is included by default and can be extended with the Data Insights, and Ecosystem Management add-ons.

Medical Content

Self-care tips for at-home treatment.

The Medical Content add-on contains basic information about the most common diseases and 90+ self-care tips that can assist patients in managing their symptoms at home. The content was developed by the medical team of XUND, complies with ISO 13485 & MDR standards, and thus meets the highest quality standards. A basic version of the Medical Content add-on is included by default.

Medical Library

Empower patients with expert knowledge.

The Medical Library serves as a comprehensive repository of in-depth fact sheets covering the most prevalent diseases, offering detailed insights into diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. These fact sheets are meticulously developed by our in-house team of doctors in collaboration with the Thieme Group, a renowned authority in medical publishing. The Medical Library provides patients with a reliable source of information, empowering them with expert knowledge to make more informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Healthcare Providers

Search for nearby healthcare providers, doctors, and specialists.

Leveraging the data from the modules, the Patient Interaction Suite presents relevant treatment pathways tailored to each individual. These pathways may include recommendations for local General Practitioners (GPs) or specialists, nearby pharmacies, or digital health solutions. As the range of available healthcare providers varies from country to country, XUND adapts the recommendations to suit each patient's specific location and needs. This ensures that patients receive personalized and localized healthcare options, optimizing their journey toward better health outcomes.

Data Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of patient interactions.

Data Insights presents you with more detailed and granular insights into the precise results of patient interactions. This add-on provides relevant information such as the most common symptoms within a specific age group or the diseases most frequently searched for in our Illness Check. By leveraging Data Insights, healthcare providers and organizations can gain a deeper understanding and intelligence from patient interactions. This enables them to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and enhance their services to better cater to their target audience.

Ecosystem Management

Seamlessly integrate your healthcare services.

The Ecosystem Management functionality allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing network of physicians, clinics, or other, digital healthcare services. It enables you to create links between specific conditions or medical specialties and your network of services. By doing this, your patients are automatically provided with the right partner-specific service based on the assessment, such as appointment booking or telemedicine providers.

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