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About XUND

Who is behind XUND?

We, that is Tamás, Lukas and Zoltan, founded XUND in the summer of 2018. In the meantime, our team has grown to a two-figure number and is spread over offices in Vienna and Budapest. Learn more about us 

Why did you found XUND?

As a digital interface between patient and health care system we want to contribute to improving the quality and access to health care.

What does XUND mean?

[ksʊnt] noun

XUND is German for healthy 🙂 
We opted for the non-official, dialect-spelling, widely used in Austria and southern Germany. The correct form would be ‘gesund’.

What are you doing better than Dr. Google?

Every single piece of information in our medical database is based on reviewed medical literature. Our decision algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to process information from 1.8 million medical publications (and more are added constantly).

Do you work with medical doctors?

We have our own team of medical doctors who qualitatively verify every single piece of information in our medical database using reference literature and their experience of many years of practice.

How can I apply for a job with you?

We are always looking for new talents. You can find our open positions here. We are always happy to receive your unsolicited application, especially if we don’t have any vacancies listed.

Using the App

Who can use the app?

We want to deal responsibly with the health of our users. Therefore we have set the minimum age to 18 years. Furthermore, there are a few restrictions that we have to specify since XUND is a medical device. You can find more information about this in the app in the user manual.

How much does the app cost?

 XUND is completely free for you as a user.

How do you earn money?

In order for you to use the app for free, we offer our modular and scalable technology to public institutions, companies and health care providers for a fee.

Why do I have to create an account?

With XUND we want to provide you with a personal health assistant. By creating an account, we ensure that you can access your data anywhere and anytime.

Which diseases do you have in the database?

The list of diseases is constantly being expanded and covers all of the most common indications in primary care.

Does XUND replace a visit to the doctor?

Certainly not. But XUND helps you to get a well-founded initial assessment and supports you in taking the next steps.

How does the Medical Engine work?

We use a rule-based system, which is similar to a doctor’s consultation. Additional information on age, gender and risk factors can be used to identify correlations and probable clinical pictures.

When is XUND available on Android?

We are working on it at full speed and plan to launch the first version later this year. To get a taste, can already try out the app as a Beta user. Join here.

Can I give feedback on the app?

We even invite you to do so, because this is the only way we can further develop XUND in the best possible way. You can give us your personal feedback at any time directly in the app.

Data & Security

Is the app GDPR compliant?

Security and data protection are very important to us. Especially with something as sensitive as health, it is important to us that the data does not fall into the hands of strangers. That is why we strictly adhere to all GDPR requirements.

Where is my data stored?

We place great importance on the fact that your data is stored here in Austria. Therefore, we trust on the services of Exoscale, a 100 % subsidiary of our strategic partner A1 Telekom.

Who has access to my data?

Your data belongs only to you which is why we have created structural and technological barriers to make it impossible for others to access it. Even we have no way to access your health data. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Can I delete my health information?

You can delete individual entries or your complete health history at any time directly in the app.

What happens if I lose my smartphone?

Your data will be stored in your Health Tresor and protected from third parties. You can access it anywhere and anytime with your personal account. 

How can I contact you if I want to get more information about my data?

Simply write an email to our data protection officer at privacy@xund.ai. He will help you if you have any questions or want to claim your GDPR-Data Protection Rights (see Point 7 of our Privacy Policy).

Cooperations & Partnerships

Which are the benefits of XUND?

We want to be the first digital contact point and reliable orientation aid in primary health care.

Why do you opt for partnerships?

We believe in a future where healthcare is built on collaborative ecosystems and is geared to the needs of the patient. To achieve this, we need to work side by side with other innovative organisations.

Who does XUND work with?

We have chosen a partnership approach from the very beginning. That is why we also work with national and international companies of all sizes from very different branches and industries.

What does such a collaboration look like?

You can think of it as an operating system. With our API solution, healthcare providers can better understand their data and use diagnostic decision algorithms based on it.

I want to work with XUND. Who can I contact?

We are happy about your interest and will carefully check each inquiry. Please send an email to hello@xund.ai, and one of our founders will contact you personally.

Your question wasn’t on the list?

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