Fast Track Program

Are you a fast-growing company looking to build health assessments into your services?

Then our Fast Track Program is just right for you! We want to give like-minded companies the opportunity to grow with us. Build on our medically certified technology and digitize your patient interactions to improve healthcare.

One technology, endless opportunities.

The Fast Track Program provides you with unlimited access to our technology for up to one year and allows you to decide for yourself which option best suits your needs. 

Medical API

Medical API

The Medical API allows for maximum flexibility in integrating XUND into any platform. We provide the backend, you build the frontend. 



As a more straightforward solution, we offer SDKs that allow to accelerate the integration process with the languages supported by them.

Web App

Web App

We also offer customizable ready-to-go solutions based on our API. If you want to get started right away, our Web App is the right choice for you.

Benefits at a glance.

We want to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. With our technology, you can become part of reshaping healthcare.

Flat fee

Flat fee

We offer you a flat fee with unlimited access to our technology. To support smaller companies and start-ups, the fee will be determined depending on the size of your company.

Fair deal

Fair deal

After 6 months, our contract can be canceled on a monthly basis. After one year, we will evaluate the partnership together and find an agreement to ensure long-term success. 

Easy integration

Easy integration

Integrating our technology is simple and fast. Choose from 3 different ways to use our technology, providing you maximum flexibility in terms of customization and integration.

Strong tech

Strong tech

Every piece of medical data goes through a technology-driven research and review process, beginning with the AI-powered analysis of millions of medical articles. 

Learn more about our SDKs

We always follow the latest industry standards to guarantee the reliability and accessibility of our technology. Our language-specific SDKs offer support for the following programming languages:

Want to know more? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

What are the requirements to qualify for the fast track program?

We usually provide our technology to major healthcare institutions. However, to really have an impact we also want to open up to the young guns in the industry. That is why the main criteria we are looking at are the company's age, turnover and customer base.

How much does it cost to participate in the fast track program?

The program consists of a flat monthly fee adjusted to the size and needs of your company. Send us your application with the relevant information, and we will send you a non-binding offer and further information. You can find the contact form on our Fast Track Program page.

Is there documentation for the Medical API?

We provide easy and well-structured documentation for our API to ensure simplicity of integration. The SDK documentation will be available soon.

What are some example projects and sources?

To see XUND in action, you can check out selected reference projects that are built on our technology. 

Is it possible to try the Patient Interaction Suite for free?

You can request access for a 30-day trial period by applying here. This will give you enough time to make sure that our technology is well suited for your needs.

Partners who trust our technology.

We strongly believe in collaboration. Together with leading companies, we are working towards our vision of improving the quality and accessibility to healthcare through the use of technology.

Let our apps convince you.

The technology of XUND is currently available for Android and iOS. 

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Step into the future of healthcare.