In November 2023, Fitpuli joined forces with XUND in a collaboration to reimagine workplace health. The partnership brought together Fitpuli's innovative virtual health coach, Lupi, and XUND's Patient Interaction Suite. This union resulted in a comprehensive digital insurance and workplace health program to enhance employee well-being, increase productivity, and provide valuable health insights.

Digital Health

About Fitpuli

Fitpuli emerged from the vision of creating an all-around health improvement framework that helps preserve employees' physical and mental health and increases overall productivity within the organization in a sustainable, scalable, and measurable way. Today, their virtual health coach, Lupi, supports over 40,000 users in enhancing their sleep quality, mood, physical well-being, eating habits, and stress management skills. The application is based on the recommendations of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is available in 3 languages (English, German, and Hungarian).

Project Overview

In 2023, Fitpuli and XUND combined their technologies, creating a comprehensive offering for insurance and employee health. XUND's Patient Interaction Suite is now seamlessly integrated into Fitpuli's digital workplace health program, enabling users to generate preliminary assessments for diagnostic decisions. XUND's Plug and Play SDK facilitated the integration of their services into Fitpuli's Android and iOS apps, ensuring a user-friendly experience for laypersons and healthcare professionals. This collaboration targeted both the national (Hungarian) and international markets, marking a significant stride in digital health innovation. Fitpuli's platform now serves as an additional interaction interface for XUND, while XUND is offered as a medical add-on service for Fitpuli clients.


The integration of XUND's Patient Interaction Suite has empowered Fitpuli's users to make informed health decisions in acute situations, while Lupi is providing longitudinal insights into sleep quality, mood, physical well-being, eating habits, and stress management. The collective efforts of Fitpuli and XUND aim to improve health outcomes for employees, reduce the burden on healthcare systems, and contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce — all without using any of the healthcare system's scarce human resources. 

“As medical professionals, we’ve seen it too many times that people only start caring about their health when it’s (almost too) late. The active worker population is among the most vulnerable when it comes to chronic conditions caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices or acute diseases. XUND’s Patient Interaction Suite allows us to provide valuable diagnostic support to our clients. ”

Dr. Dániel Oláh

CEO of Fitpuli

Why Fitpuli and XUND decided to collaborate

Fitpuli and XUND complement each other naturally. Fitpuli offers an intuitive user interface and longitudinal health management enriched with elements of gamification. Through the integration of XUND’s medical device, patients can now also receive high-quality recommendations in acute situations.

As Fitpuli aims to adhere to the highest medical standards, the fact that XUND is an MDR-certified medical device was a key argument for the decision. 

Last but not least, through the Plug and Play SDK, XUND could be built into Fitpuli’s apps within one day, making the integration fast, simple, and cost-efficient. 

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