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Help your patients, policy holders and customers to better understand their symptoms, receive an informed assessment on possible causes, and take the right next steps. The technology is certified as a class IIa medical device and therefore meets the highest safety and quality standards.

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We provide answers to the most important health questions for your

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What do my symptoms mean?

Our Symptom Check helps you identify possible causes for your symptoms. Based on the main symptom, XUND asks easy-to-understand questions about your health and identifies possible causes — just like during a doctor's consultation. The goal is to provide a preliminary assessment on medically and statistically relevant causes and speed up the recovery.

Am I suffering from a specific condition?

The Illness Check addresses the problem from a different angle and helps to assess the suspicion of suffering from a specific condition. XUND asks questions about relevant symptoms and risk factors based on the suspected illness and then provides an initial risk assessment. In addition to the analyzed condition, XUND will also point out likely alternative causes.

What are my personal risk factors?

Coming soon: While our Symptom Checks and Illness Checks primarily provide support in acute situations, our Health Check helps identify personal risk factors early on. The digital health assistant creates a 360° health profile of the user and can thus offer personalized recommendations during future Symptom Checks, Illness Checks, or for prevention.

What does this mean?

We compiled easy-to-understand fact sheets on the most common diseases, containing detailed information on diagnosis and treatment of the respective condition. The content is created together with Thieme Group, making sure it meets the highest medical quality standards.

Where should I go next?

Based on the result of the Symptom Checks and lllness Checks, our technology also shows relevant treatment pathways. These can include recommended GPs or specialists in the area, the nearest pharmacy, or a digital health solution such as an app. The range of available healthcare providers differs from country to country, making it necessary to adapt the recommendations for the individual use case.

We provide answers to the most important health questions for your @words

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