Digitize the patient journey with XUND and build your own digital health ecosystem.

Digitize the patient journey with XUND and build your own digital health ecosystem.

"Digital disruption is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the insurance industry."

Philippe Donnet, Group CEO of Generali

Accelerate the digitization of healthcare with our technology.

XUND provides the operating system for digitizing the patient journey and enables to build your own digital ecosystem.

Promote health literacy and self-care

Promote health literacy and self-care

Provide your policyholders with cutting-edge medical technology and navigate them to the right point of care at the right time.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Strengthen customer loyalty

Build long-term relationships with your policyholders by offering services around all aspects of health and wellbeing to improve the overall brand experience.

Attract new target audiences

Attract new target audiences

Going digital means opening up new target groups. Engage your policyholders by helping them to access healthcare more easily through digital front doors.

You want to know more? We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

Can your product be customized?

Every use case is unique. That's why we designed our technology from the start to best meet the individual needs of our partners.

Do you provide a ready to use solution?

If you want start right away, you can customize our White Label and easily embed it in your digital environment. 

How do you protect sensitive health data?

Security and data protection are very important to us. First of all, all the data we are processing through the Medical API is anonymous by design. On top of that, we have also opted for local storage in Austria. This ensures that health data stored with us never leaves the European Union.

How does the pricing model work?

We generally pursue a usage-based pricing model. Depending on the use case, company size and time horizon, flat-rate agreements are also a possibility.

Where can I request a non-binding offer?

We are pleased about your interest and check every request carefully. The best and most structured way is to use our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Step into the future of healthcare.