The potential for digital health solutions is immense. However, due to the complexity of AI methods and applications, it is still difficult to distinguish good from bad solutions, which will be crucial for building trust in the long run.

This is why we have joined the global initiative on AI in Healthcare (AI4H)of the WHO and ITU with the ambitious goal of establishing a golden standard for the assessment of AI-based health assistants.

We see it as a great opportunity, but also an obligation, to share the experience and findings from our research with others in the industry. After all, we are convinced that our joint progress will be for the benefit of all.


About XUND

Founded in Vienna in 2018, the Healthtech start-up XUND is developing an AI-based health assistant designed improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. The company already employs 12 people and operates from its headquarters in Vienna and its office in Budapest. The iOS app is currently in the beta phase and is expected to be launched as a medical device in May 2020.