Your health in
your hands

Helping you to better understand your
health and make better decisions 

Analyse symptoms

Tell us about your symptoms by answering a few simple and short questions

Understand causes

Our medical algorithms then calculate the most likely causes for your symptoms

Find solutions

To help you get well soon, xund suggests treatment options for the identified illnesses

Health assistant in your pocket

We have created XUND to be your 24/7 health assistant. By asking simple questions, it helps you to understand your symptoms, get understandable and factual feedback on what could be causing them and take the right next steps in order to get well as soon as possible.

Artificial Intelligence at your service

The algorithms of XUND scan millions of medical publications to find the most likely conditions responsible for your symptoms


Wherever you are, whatever the time, we are always there to provide the best health information right at your fingertips

Simple and beautiful

We believe that healthcare can be a pleasant experience and have thus created xund to be a simple and beautiful digital solutions you will love

Everything in one place

Keep a record of all your relevant health information in one safe place and export it easily with a click. Knowing your health has never been this easy

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through our monthly update

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